"The ShortBook that was written for me was a delightful read that perfectly captured my personality and favorite fantasy character, a fairy. I would highly recommend the author to create a personalized story for your loved one...not just for children!"

~ Penelope Anne Bartotto, recipient of Penny's Layne

"I first heard about ShortBook by Snow Flower which deals with short stories, when I won a competition on Facebook to have my name used in a short story to be written by one of their authors, Ann Snizek. I supplied my name through the website contact form and it was a short period of time (I think it was roughly two weeks) when I was informed that the story had been completed. Once the story had been written, I was sent a print copy of the book through the post as a keepsake. It was wonderfully presented and formatted and the font was easy to read. The story that was written for me was excellent and suited my reading preference of paranormal/ fantasy romance. However, I found the story too short! It was just getting interesting and it finished. I would have loved for the story to be just that little bit longer. Nevertheless, having said that, I would recommend ShortBook by Snow Flower and their authors if you are looking for a company that offers personalized short stories which make the perfect gift for people of all ages and occasions." 

~ Lynn Worton, recipient of The Throne of Hades