Updates on published books!

We have several new books added to the gallery... plus a new gallery!!!
We have separated the kids and young adults books from the adults.  None of our books are above PG-13, but they are having a HUGE reaction!!

Check out the newly added Children's ShortBooks

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Orders are already coming in for Christmas!  Get yours in now too!!!


Home For the Holidays!

ShortBooksä by Snow Flower
A division of Snow Flower Enterprises

Imagine… individually inspired, developed, and created books for the ones you love.  No “plug-and-go” stories stamped out of a factory will do.  These are great for birthdays, holidays, or just a special “I love you.”

Fill out a simple, online form and let us create a gift like no other -- a story inspired by all their favorite things.  Order NOW to make sure your ShortBooksä are home for Christmas.


Planning for Christmas -- Special!!

Can you believe it?!  The year has flown by.  The rest of the year will surely go as quickly.  With the demand of ShortBooks going up as Christmas approaches, don't wait for the last minute.  Make sure your loved one has their book made in time.

As a special Christmas offer, those who order and ask for delayed shipping in November can have their ShortBooks signed by the author for only a $10 shipping fee!


New Option!!!

People are enjoying their ShortBooks so much they want MORE!  

So, in response to this... ShortBooks Series will soon be available.  The story doesn't have to end if you don't want it to.  Watch for the newest addition to our ShortBooks option line-up coming THIS WEEK!!

Remember.... These are terrific gifts for Christmas and it is getting here fast!  This year is already nearing the halfway mark.  With the anticipated high order volume, you may not want to wait too long to get the order in.

And The Winners Are....

Giveaway #1 :  Hayle Garcia wins: Weirder Than Marshmallows

Giveaway #2 :  Shirley Uhrain wins: Crimson Clan

Giveaway #3 :  Jodie Pierce wins: Piercing the Fold (book 1)

Giveaway #4 :  Hayle Garcia wins: $5 Amazon card

Giveaway #5 : Sabina Bundgaard wins: her pick of Jodie Pierce's eBooks

Giveaway #6 :  no entries   :*(  Tunuftol's Fortress of Light (Tunuftol Book 1)

Giveaway #7 :  Anne Dorthe wins: Weirder Than Marshmallows

Giveaway #8 :  Tara Hall wins:  Born In Flames

Giveaway #9 :  Shirley Uhrain wins:  PRevealing Hamilton

Giveaway #10 :  Jessica Sawa wins:  Weirder Than Marshmallows

Giveaway #11 :  Anne Dorthe wins:  Secret of the Shielded (Tunuftol Book 2)

Giveaway #12 : Sebrina Pattat wins:  $10 Amazon card

Giveaway #13 : Lynn Worton wins:  Weirder Than Marshmallows

Giveaway #14 : David R Bennett wins: Surfacing The Rim (book 2)

Drum Roll Please.....

Giveaway #15 : The cat bed goes to..... Anne of  

Giveaway #16 : Lynn Worton & Shirley Uhrain EACH WIN A ShortBook!!!!

Time is Up!!!

Time is up for the giveaways... It will take a bit of time for me to do the random drawing and then I will post the winners here.  Good luck.. I hope everyone had fun!!! 

Half Hour Giveaway Warning

Alright.  I'm running late, but that isn't new.  Thanks to Sabina Bundgaard, we had an awesome giveaway party Saturday.  All of the giveaways she posted will have the winners drawn by me at random.

You have about half an hour to enter!!!! 


Giveaway #16

Alright  guys, this is the last one!

TWO (yes, you read correct), two of SnowFlowers ShortBooks are up for grabs! 0_0

Don't know what a ShortBook is? Well.. Ann put it very nicely;

"Uniquely original stories inspired by the ones YOU love."

Basically, it's a story created just for you, or for someone you care about. Nobody has something similar. ANd it will involve everything you like.

Now (rubbing hands), let me tell you how you can win one!

1) go to and follow the page.

2) Tweet and/or share the page on FB. Let's spread the good news!

3) Last: Tell us about your favorite Mother Day's memory!

Giveaway #15

And here is what so many people have been waiting for!!

Tara Hall's beautiful cat beds!

This is international too - just saying! :-D

Allyou have to do is folow this link:


I want you to name all Tara's books (up to date) in her Promise Me Series.

Giveaway #14

Now you will get the chance to win Venessa Kimball's second book; Surfacing the Rim.

All you'll have to do is answering one tiny question;

What did Jesca find out in Piercing the fold?

Follow the link and find the answer. (

Giveaway #13

Last one with Deborah Carney's son's book; Weirder than
Marshmallows. Two copies up for grabs!


When was the last time someone did something nice for you? Tell us about it and make us smile!

Giveaway #12

This is a giftcard for $10 to amazon. Sponsored by Sabina Bundgaard from Dangerous Romance.

And how can you win this one? Easy! Just give a shot at how BIG my TBR Pile is... LOL, no I'm kidding!

I want you to go here and like us :-) See? I'm not ALL bad!! You're still welcome to take a guess on how big my TBR really is though... :-)

Giveaway #11

This is for Secret of the Shielded by Ann Snizek.

If you ask me (which you didn't, but you're going to hear it anyways)
This is an AMAZING book - scratch that - the ENTIRE series is a Must-Read!

You can win the second book in her Tunuftol's Series; Secret of the Shielded, and all you have to do is answering this itsy bitsy question:

How many series is Ann currently writing on? (the published ones)
Names, please! :-)

Giveaway #10

This one is from Deborah Carney in loving memory of her son, Dan.

I've got a task for you:

Tell me about your most...uhmm.. "fun" ride with public transportation.

I'll bet you have tons of good stories out there! :-)

Giveaway #9

And here's a great, great prequel from Sarah Jayne Carr!
I've read it,so I should know!

This one is going to be easy; go to her page (here) and like her!
Come back and say you did so! See? Easy, peasy! :-)

Ann will choose the winner tomorrow through

Giveaway #8

This giveaway is sponsored by Candace Knoebel.

It's a e-copy of her book Born in Flames.

Candace's second book; Embracing the Flames will be out in about a month!!


Candace has a kind of obsession with two things. The first to tell me what it is, will win!

Giveaway #7

Since Deborah Carney was generous to donate 5 copies we get to offer another one!!!!!

This is for one of the 5 E-Books ofWeirder Than Marshmallows Book of Essays by Dan Fogg

Donated in his memory by Deborah Carney

In honor of Dan...

" is a site my son set up to get people to submit their "weird" and ... well... stupid... stories. Every year on the anniversary of his death in a car accident (May 13th) I try to do something to celebrate him and his writing."


On her event page, Deborah posted a bit about the book..."I have likes and I have contest entries but I don't have any stories yet.... I'm sure some of you have stories about failed technology, silly/stupid things you or your friends have done, and getting lost..."

Where do you get lost????

Giveaway #6

Alright... This next one is from

Ann Snizek -- E-Book of Tunuftol's Fortress of Light (Tunuftol Book 1) 

As you may or may not know.... That's me.  :D

This is my first YA novel.  It came out at the end of last year and already has the 2nd book out too! (That will be available later in this giveaway)


In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum....

What are the color of the shows AND why did they change it for the movie staring Judy Garland???


If you already have this... let someone else answer please

Giveaway #5

This is a "chose your own" prize... Kind of... LOL

From Jodie Pierce --  your pick of one of her eBooks from her Vampire Queen series 
(18 and older)


What is the name of the vampire charity anthology for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital that Jodie Pierce is working on?

Giveaway #4

Anyone's game!!! Look at what we have here!!!  From

Penelope Anne Bartotto -- a $5 gift card for

Go to her author page (link in her name)  

Then answer below!! 

Who is her favorite character, but why does her pick have all those marks on her arms???

(hint.. the pic is on her Facebook page)

Giveaway # 3

Next Up!!!  #3  Check it out!!

From: Venessa Kimball --  E-Book of Piercing the Fold: Book 1

Go to the link through her name and "like her page"... then answer the question below!!! Answer is at this link:

" of her college professors... happens to be everywhere she is;  like he is watching her.   Along with the slight fear that her  professor is stalking her, Jesca fears that  she won't be able to  handle much more of the insanity that is blurring her reality."  


What is the professor's name???

Giveaway # 2

Giveaway #2
ROFL... OOOOPPPSSS  Sorry David.  I forgot to add the link to the answer.

Donated by David R. Bennett -- an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of his YA novel Crimson Clan!!

About the book

Destiny Phoenix is a 16 year old girl who learns that she has a 25 year old brother and that her parents are slayers.


On her 16th birthday, Destiny loses her parents, her home, and all her friends as she and her brother go on the road to battle the evil monsters who are behind this attack on her parents. Will Destiny live to see her 17th birthday?


At what institute of higher learning did David R Bennett (A lively and creative new writer) study?
Hint:  follow the link.  The first correct answer to comment below wins!!

Giveaway #1

This is for one of the 5 E-Books of Weirder Than Marshmallows Book of Essays by Dan Fogg

Donated in his memory by Deborah Carney

In honor of Dan...

" is a site my son set up to get people to submit their "weird" and ... well... stupid... stories. Every year on the anniversary of his death in a car accident (May 13th) I try to do something to celebrate him and his writing."


What is the one ingredient in Marshmallows that concerned him? (find the answer at Deborah's link) The first one right wins. Answers must be commented on this post!

Good Luck!!!


Saturday's Giveaway List of Donors

WOW!!! We have had some amazing items donated for the giveaway tomorrow!!  It is very exciting.  I thank each of the people donating and all of you who have shared in spreading the word!! <3

Here is a list of who and what has been donated:

Venessa Kimball --  E-Book of Piercing the Fold: Book 1 
& E-Book of Surfacing the Rim: Book 2   

Penelope Anne Bartotto -- a $5 gift card for

David R. Bennett -- an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of his YA novel Crimson Clan

Jodie Pierce --  your pick of one of her eBooks from her Vampire Queen series

Sabina Bundgaard -- a $10 gift card for

Tara Hall -- a handmade cat bed

Sarah Jayne Carr -- E-Book of prequel PRevealing Hamilton via Amazon 

Candace Knoebel -- E-Book of Born in Flames

Ann Snizek -- E-Book of Tunuftol's Fortress of Light (Tunuftol Book 1) 
& E-Book of  Secret of the Shielded (Tunuftol Book 2)

Deborah Carney -- 5 eBooks of Weirder Than Marshmallows Book of Essays by my son Dan

Snow Flower Enterprises -- 2 ShortBooks



We will have a giveaway this Saturday!!! 

2 grand prize winners will get Shortbooks!

Several eBooks have been offered by different authors too!! A list will come soon. :)


About ShortBooks

ShortBooks is a unique concept of customizing books.  Unlike other companies that have a template story that they plug names into, ShortBooks are complete stories written to reflect the interests and tastes of the individual it is licensed for. 

Through the use of a simple questionnaire, Snow Flower provides the customer with a completed book that is original from cover to cover.  All interior and cover design is original and made from a combination of stock photos, clip art, or other art that we own the copyright to.  The story itself will have many of the elements mentioned in the questionnaire and will be dedicated to the receiving individual. 

This product allows and entirely new level of customized gift.  They can be given for any reason: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, just because, and any other you can think of.  It is a book inspired by the one you love and shared as an inspiration to others. 

ShortBooks are wonderful gifts for children to promote literacy and a love of learning by containing many of the elements they enjoy.  ShortBooks are great for adults too.  For those people who love to read, for those who are reluctant readers because they can never find a book they like, and for those that are addicted to books and have every book their favorite authors have published! 

These ShortBooks come in a variety of sizes and styles intended to find the right fit for just about everyone.  Who wouldn’t like a book full of their favorite things and dedicated to them for all to see? 

ShortBooks by Snow Flower provides the gift giver the opportunity to provide a truly unique literary experience.  What better way to promote literacy, the love of books, and an expression of love than licensing one of our ShortBooks?


Once Upon a time...

“Once upon a time….” my friend’s daughter turned five.  I wanted to do something special because of all the help my friend had provided, all the encouragement she showed, and all the excitement she shared.  Given the limited situation I was in, I felt that I had only one gift I could give… to write a story.  This is how ShortBooks were born.  Through the inspiration of the love between a mother and child… shared with a friend.