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Founded in 2013, we strive to help the Indie author community to reach their publishing goals. We strive to support authors from the pre-publishing through to the promotional stages. Passionate about exploring the creative side of our minds, promoting literacy, and both family & community involvement, our team of professionals is growing and we have a lot of exciting work going on with three divisions at this time:

Snow Flower Enterprises - main division site
Our main focus is on children's books -- from picture books through young adult. We also support science fiction, fantasy, and related sub-genres. Creative non-fiction may also be considered for reviews.  

ShortBooks by Snow Flower - Family friendly, original, customized ShortBooks
Snow Flowers After Dark - Adult content or R+ rating, original, customized ShortBooks

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Rambling Voices in My Head - PR, reviews, writer support, fighting illiteracy

Adult Content:
Horror, Thriller, Erotica/Porn will now be accepted for services and reviews (reviews posted at Snow Flowers After Dark).

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