What Are ShortBooks?

Uniquely original stories inspired by the ones YOU love.

“Once upon a time….” my friend’s daughter turned five.  I wanted to do something special because of all the help my friend had provided, all the encouragement she showed, and all the excitement she shared.  Given the limited situation I was in, I felt that I had only one gift I could give… to write a story.  This is how ShortBooks were born.  Through the inspiration of the love between a mother and child… shared with a friend. 

Unlike other companies that have a story that they plug a name into, you can license a fresh story!  Have a story with all of your loved one’s favorite elements.  Have it themed for a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, etc.  The ideas are limited only by the imagination.   The story, cover art, and interior of the ShortBooks are original works, created at the time of ordering.

Kids love having a story written to fit them, but kids aren’t the only ones!  Let us create a book that comes from the heart.  Not just a short story, but an entire book.

License an author to write an individualized and unique story inspired by your questionnaire.  Fill out the form and let us take care of the book. 

License an author to write an individualized and unique story to match your order.
Fill out the order form/questionnaire below.  Allow for the appropriate time frame for the finished project. The work will be dedicated to the individual in the order form (with the optional brief message in the dedication) and you will receive a print edition with the option of being sent to you, or shipped directly to the person receiving the gift.  
Our ShortBooks are a hit.  Everyone loves to have a story with all of their favorite things made especially for them!