Giveaway #16

Alright  guys, this is the last one!

TWO (yes, you read correct), two of SnowFlowers ShortBooks are up for grabs! 0_0

Don't know what a ShortBook is? Well.. Ann put it very nicely;

"Uniquely original stories inspired by the ones YOU love."

Basically, it's a story created just for you, or for someone you care about. Nobody has something similar. ANd it will involve everything you like.

Now (rubbing hands), let me tell you how you can win one!

1) go to and follow the page.

2) Tweet and/or share the page on FB. Let's spread the good news!

3) Last: Tell us about your favorite Mother Day's memory!


  1. I don't have any children, so I will have to share one of my favourite Mother's day memories from childhood. We were on holiday in South Africa (I lived in Zimbabwe then). My sister and I went and bought my Mom a pendant from a shop that dealt with deceased estates. The woman said that the pendant was not "special" as in real gemstones, but my Mom still wears it as one of her favourite pieces to this day!