Giveaway # 2

Giveaway #2
ROFL... OOOOPPPSSS  Sorry David.  I forgot to add the link to the answer.

Donated by David R. Bennett -- an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of his YA novel Crimson Clan!!

About the book

Destiny Phoenix is a 16 year old girl who learns that she has a 25 year old brother and that her parents are slayers.


On her 16th birthday, Destiny loses her parents, her home, and all her friends as she and her brother go on the road to battle the evil monsters who are behind this attack on her parents. Will Destiny live to see her 17th birthday?


At what institute of higher learning did David R Bennett (A lively and creative new writer) study?
Hint:  follow the link.  The first correct answer to comment below wins!!


  1. Food coloring!! :-)

  2. No link but I'll hazard a guess.......he went to college. Lol