Giveaway #12

This is a giftcard for $10 to amazon. Sponsored by Sabina Bundgaard from Dangerous Romance.

And how can you win this one? Easy! Just give a shot at how BIG my TBR Pile is... LOL, no I'm kidding!

I want you to go here and like us :-) See? I'm not ALL bad!! You're still welcome to take a guess on how big my TBR really is though... :-)


  1. Uh I think it is on about 150 books ;-)
    You are already liked:-)

  2. Liked your page. If your TBR pile is like mine giving it a number would only be overwhelming.

  3. blogger is fixed--my privacy settings were too high!--so my comment is that you are liked and I'd guess 175 books. :)

  4. Im guessing you have well over 1000 books on your tbr. I know i do! lol Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    FB: Shadow Kohler

  5. Liked :)
    and infinity TBR list because none of us will EVER be through our lists since I am sure most readers are like me and as you are reading one book you are adding 5 others. LOL

    FB - Jessica Sawa
    Email - IcePrincess552 @ AOL dot com

  6. Liked #191! If your TBR pile is like mine - close to 400 or more!