Giveaway #7

Since Deborah Carney was generous to donate 5 copies we get to offer another one!!!!!

This is for one of the 5 E-Books ofWeirder Than Marshmallows Book of Essays by Dan Fogg

Donated in his memory by Deborah Carney

In honor of Dan...

" is a site my son set up to get people to submit their "weird" and ... well... stupid... stories. Every year on the anniversary of his death in a car accident (May 13th) I try to do something to celebrate him and his writing."


On her event page, Deborah posted a bit about the book..."I have likes and I have contest entries but I don't have any stories yet.... I'm sure some of you have stories about failed technology, silly/stupid things you or your friends have done, and getting lost..."

Where do you get lost????


  1. I don´t think my first post came through, so I try again.

    I get lost everywhere, so I love my GPS!!

  2. I have a lousy sense of direction, so can get lost pretty easily!

  3. I yell at Siri all the time. She's good at telling me to turn left into fields lol