About ShortBooks

ShortBooks is a unique concept of customizing books.  Unlike other companies that have a template story that they plug names into, ShortBooks are complete stories written to reflect the interests and tastes of the individual it is licensed for. 

Through the use of a simple questionnaire, Snow Flower provides the customer with a completed book that is original from cover to cover.  All interior and cover design is original and made from a combination of stock photos, clip art, or other art that we own the copyright to.  The story itself will have many of the elements mentioned in the questionnaire and will be dedicated to the receiving individual. 

This product allows and entirely new level of customized gift.  They can be given for any reason: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, just because, and any other you can think of.  It is a book inspired by the one you love and shared as an inspiration to others. 

ShortBooks are wonderful gifts for children to promote literacy and a love of learning by containing many of the elements they enjoy.  ShortBooks are great for adults too.  For those people who love to read, for those who are reluctant readers because they can never find a book they like, and for those that are addicted to books and have every book their favorite authors have published! 

These ShortBooks come in a variety of sizes and styles intended to find the right fit for just about everyone.  Who wouldn’t like a book full of their favorite things and dedicated to them for all to see? 

ShortBooks by Snow Flower provides the gift giver the opportunity to provide a truly unique literary experience.  What better way to promote literacy, the love of books, and an expression of love than licensing one of our ShortBooks?


  1. I want one of these for my daughter SOOO BAD!! Can't wait for hubby to get back to work!

  2. What a great idea Ann! I hope to be part of the process! Good luck!